Root Canal Treatment

Root canal demo illustration.

Endodontic Care in Our Stamford Office

Teeth can become infected by cavities and decay or traumatized by an accident. Inside the center of each tooth there is a nerve. When the nerve dies or becomes infected, this can result in a very painful infection, sometimes swelling, and tooth pain.

When a tooth gets in this condition, it either has to be removed or have root canal treatment performed to clear the infection. Sometimes the tooth is not savable and a root canal is not indicated. During the exam, Dr. Navok and Dr. McEwan offer their honest opinion whether it is worth your time and money to save the tooth with a root canal treatment.

Our doctors have taken hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to make sure he has the highest success rate on his root canal treatments.

Root Canal Process

During the root canal, Dr. Navok and Dr. McEwan use specialized instruments and medicaments to remove the infected and dead nerve. This procedure removes the source of the infection which was the diseased nerve and blood supply. This allows the area to heal and saves the tooth for future use.

Contrary to popular belief, root canals can be comfortable. If done before infection becomes large, they can be as simple as doing a routine filling. During the root canal, the patient does not feel anything. Depending on the reason for the root canal, the patient may need to have a crown placed to protect the tooth from breaking.

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