Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Tooth colored bonding in our office.

Tooth Bonding in Stamford

Hoyt Street Dental provides dental bonding to fix any cracked or discolored teeth. For cosmetic purposes, our team can fix the color and imperfections of your teeth, helping to give you the perfect smile. Bondings are not only affordable, but also a strong, long lasting fix. This can be a reasonable alternative for someone looking into veneers and crowns, which can be more invasive.

Dental bondings provide you with a natural looking repair to any chipped teeth, as we will match your tooth color for a seamless fix. This procedure begins by applying a tooth-colored resin material and shaping it to match the rest of your tooth. The resin then gets hardened using a blue light, bonding it to the tooth. The process is quick and easy, leaving you with a long lasting fix.

Regardless of your age, you can come to Hoyt Street Dental to restore your smile. If your child chips their tooth, we will match their tooth color as accurately as possible. While this procedure can be done while a child’s teeth are still growing in, it works best once all teeth have come in. If this occurs, it is best to have a revisit with the child once all teeth have grown in.

Bonding is not only for chipped teeth; It can also be used to fill a gap between your teeth. With small gaps, we can close them without the need for veneers or alignment correction. This can be done in one appointment, making it a more convenient and affordable fix.

If whitening your teeth is not quite getting the stains out of your teeth, bondings can be an easy alternative. Using a lighter shade of white, our team would place the resin on the surface of the teeth to correct the appearance of your smile.

If you decide that you do not like the bond on your teeth, this procedure can be undone. Because the enamel is not removed from your teeth, patients can have the bond removed or complete an alternative procedure. While it is rare for a patient to not like the results, removing the bond is always an option.

If you choose to get this procedure done, it is important to protect the bondings by maintaining good hygiene. This means you must brush your teeth twice a day and floss once for maximized hygiene. By improving your dental health, you are also increasing the longevity of the bond. It may also behoove you to stray from acidic foods, as they can wear down your bonds and decrease their lifespan.

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