Dental Bridges

Dental bridge demo model.

Replacing Missing Teeth in Our Stamford Office

Missing teeth can cause a decrease in chewing efficiency and stability of the remaining teeth. Losing one tooth can make other teeth weaker, because now they are absorbing more force during eating. Often, teeth will shift in the absence of their neighbors, which may lead to decay and cavity, periodontal disease and additional tooth loss. It is best to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible.

Bridges are a solid, non-removable replacement option for missing teeth. Fixed bridgework is a great solution to replace these missing teeth and restore biting function, stability and esthetics. With great home care and regular checkups, fixed bridgework can last a very long time.

Dental Bridge Process

The teeth closest to the missing tooth are shaped, an impression is taken, the patient leaves with a temporary bridge that looks like their final bridge. A couple days later the final bridge is cemented. A bridge is cemented as one solid piece over the supports, and produces a natural looking and feeling restoration.

As with all of his restorations, Dr. Navok and Dr. McEwan use one of the nation’s top dental lab technicians to ensure high quality and quick turn around times. They uses the newest technology cement to provide treatment meant to last a lifetime.

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