Advanced Dental Technology

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography offers the lowest radiation possible to generate images with robust information. We use a combination of 2D and 3D images to identify and treat diseases. Other than decay and periodontal disease, we can use images for a variety of ways. Just a few examples include skeletal issues related to TMJ, growth and development abnormalities in children, infected or fractured roots, wisdom tooth location and anatomy, tooth angulation for orthodontic/Invisalign therapy, and connected to 3D printers to make implant guides.

Digital x-ray machine.

Same Day Crowns (In Office Milling Unit)

Hoyt Street Dental offers the most modern and longest lasting styles of dentistry, with only the highest quality metal-free restorations. Sometimes a tooth is damaged to the point that a crown is the patient’s best solution, and we are pleased to apply our hundreds of hours of CE in dental restorations when we offer a same day crown.

These crowns are customized to the patient’s exact needs, and made on site with no need for temporaries that fall off or messy impression material. We offer the strongest types of crowns, highly polished zirconia porcelain, so patients can feel confident in their smiles and function (chewing!).

Our Dental Crowns In Office Milling Unit.

Itero Scanner

A digital scanner is critical to the modern office that believes in addressing patient’s needs quickly. With a non-messy approach, patients can be “scanned” rather than experience goopy impressions. Digital scans are more accurate, more convenient, and allow for immediate transfer to the dental laboratory.

Scenarios that may require a digital scan include: oral custom guards or retainers, Invisalign therapy, crown and bridgework, denture or implant treatment planning.

Itero Scanner.

Dental Photography

All forms of digital photography allow us as providers to communicate effectively. We can confirm a patient’s wants/needs, provide the utmost detail to the lab, and monitor the dental conditions for changes over time. There is a sense of pride and joy in seeing before and after photos, and at Hoyt Street Dental we want the absolute best for our patients.

Dental Photography.

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